The #SpanningtheNeed team loves to promote local businesses. We hope that you take advantage of our diverse following, sponsor our website and the podcast. Each sponsor will have an opportunity to have a commercial on each of the #SpanningtheNeed podcast episodes. Sponsors may also choose to place advertisements on the #SpanningtheNeed website, or in the weekly newsletter. 

Contact us, below, for a list of opportunities for sponsorship and ad space. Please reach out on the ‘contact us’ page for more information on sponsorship opportunities. 

We have limited space in each episode, so join us for a variety of opportunities now!

We are here to help make people’s lives better and you can partner with us to do that.

For more information on how to become a sponsor, contact #SpanningtheNeed by emailing at Info@AnthonyVSpano.com or click the button below to fill out the Ask Anthony form.