About #SpanningtheNeed

Anthony created “Spanning the Need” as a master’s project, but it has blossomed into much more. The two guiding philanthropic principles of helping others and giving back really boil down to one mantra: People Helping People. With his goals and principles in mind, the podcast examines a variety of subjects including politics, health, education, sports, and genuine feel-good stories. 

The purpose of the podcast is to streamline the passage of information from expert to consumer as

efficiently as possible. We bring on area experts to talk about real-world issues and events. This gives you the information straight from the authorities on the subjects. We offer Q&A sessions to close out many of our episodes so we can ensure that you, our listeners, receive all the information that you want and need to make informed and educated decisions on the issues affecting your communities. 

In the time that it has been running, the podcast has enjoyed great success — a direct representation of the quality of our guests for each episode. The content that we put out, curated and driven by their expertise and honesty, is what makes the podcast such a great asset to our community and beyond. Our mission is to help you to understand your position in those communities and the world around you. 

To see for yourself how expansive and informed our podcast is, check out our YouTube channel!