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I have come together to help our community and make the quality of life better for individuals, children and their families. This will be a long-lasting partnership to help and make our community healthy. It’s my mission to connect you with healthier lifestyle. Please let me know if I can assist you, in any way. I am here to help you build a healthier immunity system during these difficult times.

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Decades of experience. The highest standards. Thousands of tests. The best guarantee in the industry. Safe, Proven, Guaranteed – that’s the Shaklee Difference.

Unlike Shaklee food supplements, other supplements on the market ONLY have to contain 15% natural ingredients in order to claim that they are “Natural.” This is a comparison of the 3 different types of vitamins that are on the market today; synthetic, so called natural & the Shaklee Food Supplement Difference.

See Below: Recommendations/Suggestions on Your Health for Kids/Adults

The Real 3 Types of Vitamins
Lemon Display (PDF).
List of toxins in your own house (PDF)
Recommendation: Remove All Chemical Cleaners from under the sink & Household and move to the Garage (See the list of toxins your house)

You’ll also receive a FREE personalized evaluation by over a 1000 inputs from physicians, scientists, and health care professionals that includes advice on what supplements would benefit your health. Your personalized evaluation will be sent directly to you. And you do not have to be a member or make a purchase to get this FREE evaluation.

Recommendations/SuggestionsHealth for Kids/Adults

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