The Cleveland Indians have now changed their name to the “Guardians”

The Cleveland Indians have now changed their name to the “Guardians”

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland MLB team officially has its new name.

The team announced Friday morning that it will be changing its name from the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Guardians through a video posted to its Twitter account. The name will go into effect next season, but the club has not released an official date of when it will first be implemented.

Cleveland first announced last summer that it would begin having conversations with local community members and Native American groups about the possibility of a name change. The organization announced in December that it was beginning a search for a new nickname.

More than 4,000 fans signed up to be part of the conversation, and over 40,000 fans were surveyed, including 140 hours of interviews with fans, staff and community members. The organization determined that the name should connect to the city of Cleveland, preserve the team’s rich baseball history and unite the community.

There are ties to the city through the “Guardians of Traffic” on the Hope Memorial Bridge. These sculptures on either side of the bridge are meant to symbolize progress.

Nicolinnis Ristorante in Boardman has closed after 14 years

Nicolinnis Ristorante in Boardman has closed after 14 years

Nicolinni’s Ristorante Boardman in a facebook announcement has said it is closing after 14 years in business. The business was located at 1247 Boardman-Poland Rd, Boardman, Ohio 44514. The Austintown location will remain open currently for carry out only and inside dining will resume shortly.

Check out our #asquoteoftheWeek & #asquoteoftheday in 2021

Facebook Message:

As of today Boardman Nicolinni’s is Closed. We would like to thank the community, our staff, our friends and family for the last 14 wonderful years. The Austintown location will remain open currently for carry out only and inside dining will resume shortly.
Sincerely, Patrick and Stephanie Lavanty
Check out our #ASQuoteoftheWeek & #ASQuoteoftheDay 2021

Check out our #ASQuoteoftheWeek & #ASQuoteoftheDay 2021

The #SpannintheNeed shares inspirational quotes of the week and day to help motivate individuals or groups in our communities. Sometimes all it takes is a few positive quotes or words of encouragement to immediately turn someone’s day around. Whether its your lifelong best friend or a stranger you pass on the street, taking a moment to deliver a positive message can have a long-lasting effect on the well-being of both individuals.

June 8
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. #asquoteoftheday #aspersonoftheweek

June 4
The Strongest People aren’t always the one who WIN, but the people who don’t give up when they lose! #asquoteoftheday

June 3
Start everyday with a new hope. Leave bad memories behind and have faith for a better tomorrow. #asquoteoftheday

June 2
As time goes on, you’ll understand. What lasts, lasts; what doesn’t, doesn’t. Time solves most things. And what time can’t solve, you have to solve yourself. – Haruki Murakami #asquoteoftheday

June 1
Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. People can’t stop you. Only YOU can stop you. #asquoteoftheday

May 28
Just go with the flow. #asquoteoftheday

May 27
The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you. #asquoteoftheday

May 26
Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. – Maya Angelou #asquoteoftheday

May 25
Make your own kind of happiness. #asquoteoftheday

May 24
Someone once said, it’s not what you did in the past, but what you can do to correct your life and make the lives around you better in some little way! #asquoteoftheday

May 21
If you feel like you’re losing everything, remember that trees lose their leaves every year and they still stand tall and wait for better days to come. #asquoteoftheday

May 20
It’s like anything in life, visualizing the old man you’re going to become: As long as you have a clear picture of that – the life you want to lead – eventually you’ll probably get there. – Heath Ledger #asquoteoftheday

May 19
I know I can do this. #asquoteoftheday

May 18
I think you should be serious about what you do because this is it. This Is the only life you’ve got. – Philip Seymour Hoffman #asquoteoftheday

May 17
The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. – Lucille Ball #asquoteoftheday

May 14
My story isn’t pleasant, it’s not sweet and harmonious like the invented stories; it tastes of folly and bewilderment, of madness and dream, like the life of all people who no longer want to lie to themselves. – Herman Hesse #asquoteoftheday

May 13
A happy life includes finding joy in small things, doing less and observing more. #asquoteoftheday

May 12
Do nice things for people who will never find out it was you! #asquoteoftheday

May 11
Where there’s hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again. – Anne Frank #asquoteoftheday

May 10
We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” Mohandas Gandhi. #asquoteoftheday

May 9
My mother shed her protective love down around me and without knowing why people sensed that I had value. – Maya Angelou #asquoteoftheday

May 5
Be strong, but not rude. Be kind but not weak. Be humble but not timid. Be proud but not arrogant. #asquoteoftheday

May 3
To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself! -Thich Nhat Hanh #asquoteoftheday

#SpanningtheNeed celebrates this year’s High School Seniors

#SpanningtheNeed celebrates this year’s High School Seniors

The #SpanningtheNeed celebrates our high school seniors from across the valley during these most challenging times. Congratulations and JOB WELL DONE during this pandemic! Let’s cheer on these student(s) who worked so hard to graduate! Spanning the Need hopes for this to be a yearly thing, honoring these students from around the area.

Note: We only showcased senior picture(s) posted on our original thread. You can still message us or email at, with title senior pictures in the subject photos if you missed that or add YOUR image to your school’s day!

Here are some of the seniors Spanning the Need celebrated this past Summer.

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT Class of 2021: 
Anna, LaBrae Local Schools | Trumbull Career & Technical Center
Payton, East Palestine City School District
Nick, Canfield Local School District
Georgio, Howland Local School District

YSU Summer Festival of the Arts moves downtown to Wean Foundation Park

YSU Summer Festival of the Arts moves downtown to Wean Foundation Park

The Youngstown State University Summer Festival of the Arts is moving a few blocks south from the YSU campus to the new Wean Foundation Park in downtown Youngstown.

“We are excited to bring our nationally-recognized annual arts festival to this new community park along the Mahoning River,” YSU President Jim Tressel said. “We hope this move will help further grow the festival and will also help further introduce the community to this beautiful new downtown recreational area.”

The Summer Festival of the Arts, started in 1999, attracts more than 80 artists and 15,000 visitors annually. This year’s festival is July 17 and 18. Admission is free.

“The YSU Summer Festival of the Arts is a perfect fit for Wean Park, Youngstown Mayor Jamael “Tito” Brown said. “We look forward to thousands of artists, performers and festival-goers from throughout the region coming to downtown Youngstown for this special annual event.”

The Raymond John Wean Foundation Park, a community complex with over 20 acres of recreational green space and walking paths, is located along the Mahoning River at the Market Street bridge in downtown Youngstown. The complex includes the new 4,800-person Youngstown Foundation Amphitheatre and the Huntington Bank Community Alley underneath the Market Street bridge.

The arts festival will remain a juried arts event, meaning that artists must apply first, then be evaluated before being accepted. The festival is also expected to continue to include a range of performing artists, children’s activities and the participation of area ethnic, arts and cultural institutions.

“The YSU Summer Festival of the Arts is yet another reminder that the Mahoning Valley community embraces and celebrates the arts,” said Phyllis Paul, dean of the YSU Cliffe College of Creative Arts. “We look forward to continuing that tradition at this new and exciting venue.”