Anthony Spano created the podcast “Spanning the Need.” This podcast examines a variety of subjects that impact everyday life around the world.  Some of the topics include politics, heartfelt-feel good stories, health, education, sports and give-away’s. Our show is new, but Anthony felt a calling to tell the stories and launch this podcast in 2020, as it is part of his masters course.

The expertise and honesty of our guests, as well as the content we post remains a great asset to our community and beyond. Our listeners want the information directly from the professionals, as well as the possibility of a Q/A session for our listeners at the conclusion of the show.  Anthony feels that these individuals are very knowledgeable and have the expertise that can benefit you tremendously. The information is factual and will help you stay informed on all current and even past issues.

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If you or someone you know would make for an interesting interview on the #SpanningtheNeed podcast, please contact us. We are looking to bring guests on that have a story to share. Whether its a Business, politics, health or positive up lifting stories, let us know!