About Anthony

When those who know Anthony Spano think of him, they may recall advice he gave on real estate or personal health; they may recall seeing him on the court refereeing at their local high school, or they may recall seeing his podcast episodes on YouTube. Regardless of the capacity in which each person knows him, they all recognize the same thing: Anthony is a versatile leader whose joy in life is derived from the service he does for others around him. 

He lives a life guided by a four-pronged approach of “live, learn, lead, and love.” Anything that one may wish to learn about him can be found here in these ideas. 

Anthony’s passion for learning manifests itself in the work he has put into his master’s program at Youngstown State, where he also received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. 

Anthony is a naturally gifted leader. Already established in the community as a leader in many facilities, Anthony started The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, as well as the Anthony V. Spano Foundation. He continues to serve as the executive director today. 

Anthony loves family, faith, food, and sports. He loves life. One thing that is certainly made evident by his expansive involvement in his community is that he makes every effort possible to get the most out of it and hopes to help everyone around him do the same. 

To learn more about Anthony’s different interests, projects, and services, please look around this website and reach out with any questions. Contact Anthony Now.