About Us

“Spanning The Need is a space for storytellers.  The stories of creators. The stories of visionaries. The stories of everyday people doing the extraordinary.  The stories of our great community.  Founded by Anthony Spano, Spanning The Need is a podcast of thoughtfully curated experiences, news, advice, and culture. As the founder of two nonprofit organizations (The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley and The Anthony V. Spano Foundation) Anthony has dedicated his professional career to human interest in a way that truly “spans the need” of others in our community by giving the community a voice. Whether it’s sports, politics, news, food, or events; there is a story to be told and a need to be met—welcome to that venue.”

Tune in to #SpanningtheNeed to find: 

  • A podcast with special guests, who are all professionals and experts in their fields.
  • A weekly recognition of our “Person of the Week,” where we acknowledge individuals’ special work in the community.
  • A blog that covers anything and everything about those individuals and the community they inhabit. 
  • Listener-submitted articles about important subjects, both locally and on a broader scale. 
  • News on events and other happenings in the community. 
  • And much, much more!

We encourage you to navigate the website, learn more about all that we have to offer, and reach out with any questions that you have.