In every professional endeavor, Anthony gives careful consideration to its alignment with his personal mission of giving back. As you will see in each of these projects, that thread ties them all together. Whether he is helping people to establish their foundation, as a real estate agent, guiding others to lead better lives as a nutritional advisor, bringing people together as an ordained minister, or helping to grow the community athletics programs as an official, you can always count that the interest and success of others is what is at the forefront of Anthony’s mind. 

Recently, Anthony received his MA in communications from Youngstown State University. As part of the program, he started a podcast, which has blossomed into a full-time project. His dedication to knowledge, learning, and the Mahoning Valley community all comes together here and is made evident in all of the work that he does.

Real Estate Agent

Anthony V. Spano is a true professional with a deep love for the Mahoning Valley. He now expands his repertoire to a career in real estate with the Keller Williams Chervenic Realty. Search for your DREAM House NOW.

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Anthony has found many ways to fulfill his passion for helping others. During his time studying at Youngstown State University, he became involved. After graduating from YSU, Anthony joined the Mahoning County Children Services Board to extend the mission in his county and help the less fortunate. Anthony also is the founder of The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley (HFMV) and the Anthony V. Spano Foundation. Through these foundations, he found a way to give back to those in need and continues to work very closely with the HFMV and other non-profits. 

As Anthony takes the next big steps in his own life with his wife and baby-on-the-way, he wants to help you take the next big step in yours. Buying and selling a home is a significant milestone in life, and Anthony hopes to help you every step of the way.  

Spano Health/Wellness

Health and Wellness is more important than ever, especially as vitamins become and are a foundational part of many young diets. Multivitamins and organic, plant-based supplements help to build the energy needed to operate for a full day. Too often though, adults neglect these important pieces of proper nutrition. A few years ago, Anthony decided it was time to take charge of his own diet and nutrition and, by way of his aunt, a nutrition specialist, rediscovered the Shaklee vitamins that he used growing up.

Anthony is here for YOU, your HEALTH and WELL-BEING in this environment during these difficult times. Contact Me NOW.

While the Shaklee vitamins have many great features, one of the most important pieces of their model is their clinical studies program. To date, they have published over 100 clinical studies in peer-reviewed medical journals. This certainly serves as validation for me and for the claims with which Shaklee backs their products. 

With Shaklee, Anthony has found a renewed energy to help navigate each day. When he started back on the vitamins, he gave himself a month and a half period before he made a decision about its true value. After that time, Anthony recognized that he was able to give more of himself to those things that mattered — his wife, his family, his work, and his community. The vitamins help Anthony sustain the energy necessary to fulfill his four-pronged approach to life: “live, learn, lead, and love.” 

To learn more about the program and Anthony’s guide to healthy living, click here.


Ordained Minister

In 2020, Anthony became an ordained minister. He recognized an opportunity to bring people together on the most important day of their lives. It was a logical and generous step in his career that resonated with his personal life’s mission of bettering the lives of those around him.

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Sports Official (Umpire, Referee)

Anthony is a sports’ fanatic, and in 1997, he found a way to stay connected with the world of high school and youth sports in the community: officiating. He started as a softball umpire, and eventually added basketball (2004) and Volleyball (2007) to his résumé as well. He loves remaining an integral part of his community’s sports sector, and, as with all other endeavors, believes that it is his best way of giving back to the community. Book Anthony Now.