Anthony’s dedication to community service is abundantly clear. He has helped start two successful nonprofits in the Mahoning Valley and continues to serve as the executive director for both. Locally and nationally, Anthony has been recognized for his outstanding service work many times over, including his 2015 reception of the President Volunteer Service Award for Lifetime Achievement. The PVSA is awarded by the President of the United States annually to outstanding community service leaders and volunteers in communities nationwide. 

The Mahoning Valley is often the beneficiary of Anthony’s philanthropic work. In a special event in April of 2021, hosted by his podcast, Anthony moderated an online discussion titled “The State of the Valley,” where he and other local community leaders discussed issues plaguing their community. Youngstown’s local news source, The Vindicator, remarked it as a success, acknowledging Anthony’s “longtime” philanthropy as a reason for it being so. 

These awards, recognitions, and public events are only part of what makes Anthony such an important part of the Mahoning Valley. His constant efforts behind closed doors to make sure that his community is at its best is what is truly remarkable. To find out more about his involvement in different charities and nonprofits, navigate through this part of the site. For any questions, comments, or desires for involvement, head over to the contact page, and please reach out!

The Anthony V. Spano Foundation was founded on four core values: 

  1. Every person deserves to live a healthy and sustainable life
  2. A passion for helping others in need will benefit the entire community
  3. Fulfilling the mission must be done with the highest degree of integrity, honesty, and transparency possible
  4. Empowering people in need will ultimately lead to their living of a better life

The mission of the Foundation is to provide the opportunity for people of the Mahoning Valley that are in need of the necessary resources that others take for granted. This includes food, clothing, housing, education, and healthcare. The Foundation provides the necessary assistance to individuals as well as financial resources to those that help us to do so.

The Foundation’s vision is a thriving Mahoning Valley region where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. They work with a diverse cast of leaders, donors, and nonprofits in the community to leverage a greater impact and have a better understanding of critical issues shaping our quality of life.

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The Hope Foundation of Mahoning Valley is the philanthropic gift created by Anthony Spano, who, in 2005, participated in the inaugural Game of Hope charity basketball game. The game was put together to raise awareness and help for the betterment of the lives of chronically and terminally ill children in the area. Anthony was touched by the generosity and mission of those that participated in the game and decided to use it as a baseline for the HFMV, which he officially kicked off in 2007. The organization serves the same purpose, though year round, as the Game of Hope — improving the quality of life of those chronically and terminally ill children. In 2012, Phi Kappa Fraternity awarded Anthony on a national level with their President Citation for his philanthropic work with the HFMV. Together with its volunteers, funding and sponsorship partners, and talented and dedicated board of trustees, the HFMV is living out its mission daily.