Mahoning County Children Services Earns First-Place Ranking in State for Timely Investigations

Mahoning County Children Services Earns First-Place Ranking in State for Timely Investigations

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Mahoning County Children Services received a FIRST PLACE RANKING in the state of Ohio for completing timely child abuse and neglect investigations. The Agency also ranked in the Top 25% of Ohio’s largest counties for in-person Face-to-Face Visits with children and families according to a monthly report issued in March by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS).

April marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Ultimately, what this means is the Agency is investigating received reports of abuse and neglect and making assessments of need in a timely manner in order to provide immediate help to protect children and provide resources to strengthen families as quickly as possible.       

The Agency jumped into FIRST place after ranking second in the state in February 2022 for  completing child abuse and neglect investigations “On-Time.” According to the ODJFS report, investigations are considered “On-Time” if the investigation completion date occurs within 45 days or less of the date when a decision is made to open a case. If an open case cannot be completed within the 45 days or less, Children  Services agencies can request a 15-day extension. If an extension is approved, the Intake investigation completion date must occur within 60 days or less of the decision date when the case was opened.

From October 2021 through March 15, 2022, ODJFS reports that 96.7% of Mahoning County Children Services’ monthly child abuse and neglect Investigations were completed On-Time.

Mahoning County Children Services had the highest percentage of timely Intake Investigations when compared to the 28 largest counties in the state. Mahoning County Children Services exceeded the     state-wide performance average of 67%. Only three other Ohio public children services agencies designated as a ‘large’ county achieved a 95% or above percentage performance.

Percentages are statewide and by county/by agency for baseline and for each completed month within the review period. ODJFS   extracts the data monthly —any day between the 11th and 15th of each month.  Mahoning County Children Services’ Intake Department is responsible for investigating reports of child abuse and neglect within Mahoning County.

 The Department is comprised of a Program Administrator, three Casework Supervisors and 14 investigative Caseworkers.

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