Local Carl Foote Bikes Across America For Alzheimers

Local Carl Foote Bikes Across America For Alzheimers

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Community, News, Philanthropy | 0 comments

A HALF CENTURY AFTER RIDING A BICYCLE ACROSS AMERICA, 70-year-old Carl Foote, of Maple Dr., Boardman, is making the trek again, this time in an effort to raise $3 million for Alzheimers Disease research. His cross country adventure began on May 21 in Oakland, New Jersey and he hopes to complete his journey on July 9 at Crater Lake Oregon.


“Upon retirement, I thought I might recreate my ‘once in a lifetime experience’ of crossing America on a bicycle while adding the component of fundraising for a charity. Having recently had a family member suffer from Alzheimers, I looked for a way to help fight this memory robbing disease,” Foote said, adding “This trip will be a bigger challenge that when I was 20-years-old. With each mile, each climb, each pedal stroke will be the thought and hope that we will eliminate this terrible disease.”


This article was republished with permission from the Boardman News.