The gauntlet of Parenthood

The gauntlet of Parenthood

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As a new parent, you navigate this gauntlet of stuff with the baby. What should you do? What should you not do? You tend to seek perfectionism in your parenting journey, but parenting is a learning process no matter how many kids you have.

In this episode, Jeanette Cole joins us to explore parenting tips for new parents. Jeanette is a certified Doula, breastfeeding counselor, and Yoga Instructor. She is also the host of “Mama Says,” a podcast for new parents, seasoned parents, and moms in general, focusing on linking the past with the present.

In this session, Jeanette shares her experience as a doula, why you need one, a new mom’s experience, top challenges new parents face, and maintaining healthy development in your child. Besides, she dives deep into the importance of good nutrition practices and not being too hard on yourself.

●“When you have children, and you’re raising your children, the village becomes so important, because that is how we function as a society where we can lean on each other.”
●“The first four years of life are the most crucial developmental years for children.”
●“Nutrition, I think, is one of the most important things in gifts that you can give to your child for the first, you know, forever but, but really the first four years of their life and showing them a relationship with food, showing them that we eat to sustain and we eat to nourish.”
●“Children are little parents. And they tend to gravitate toward the things that we place the most importance on.”

Nourishing Baby During the Formula Shortage

Key Takeaways
●Always take care of yourself. So you can take care of the baby. If you can’t take care of yourself, you’ll have a tough time with the baby. You can’t pour from an empty cup.
●As a parent, you are always learning. There is no right way to do anything. Although people will give you advice, you are the only one who understands your child the best.
●Don’t take it personally when a kid refuses your food despite how well you’ve made it. It could be a texture thing, or they might like that type of food, but only in a certain way.

[01:06] Jeanette’s background and her podcast
[02:13] Who is a doula and why you should hire one
[06:59] New parent’s experience
[10:27] Challenges for first time parents
[15:20] Taking care of yourself first before taking care of the baby
[17:50] Finding the formula you need for your baby
[21:23] Are foods with harmful metal additives harmful to the baby?
[22:17] How to make your own food for the baby
[30:09] Tips and tricks to maintaining your child’s healthy development
[37:30] The ultimate thing you need to know as a new parent
[45:30] Understanding there’s no perfectionism in parenting
[47:13] Jeanette’s services on her website
[51:43] To connect with Jeanette
[52:54] Fun questions with Jeanette

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Episode Highlights
Why hire a doula?
Just like any business, a hospital is a business. Parents or patients might not get that standard one-on-one care specific to the individual. So a doula gives you that specific one-on-one care and gives you the research you need to make your own informed decisions or the birth and raising of a child.

Challenges of first-time parents
●Having the support of the village: You don’t understand or know what a village is until you become the parent. A village not only includes your family members but anyone and everyone with whom you have come in contact.
●Giving yourself grace with house chores and meals: You don’t have to do everything to perfection as a new mom. Give yourself some grace.
●Time: As a new mom, you must ensure your schedule isn’t so jam-packed that you have zero time to interact with your child.

Tips and tricks to maintaining your child’s healthy development

The first four years of life are children’s most crucial developmental years. How can you maintain a healthy development for them? Focus on
●Nourishing foods: You must ensure that your kids’ meals are well balanced. Good nutrition is the best thing you can give to your child.
●Reading books: Reading is underrated. Get a book for your kid, depending on their age.
● Proper Breastfeeding.

The ultimate thing you need to know as a new parent
Parenting is a learning experience no matter how old you are or how many kids you have. There will always be people to tell you how to do things but just do what you want to do. You’re the only person who knows your child best.

Understanding there’s no perfectionism in parenting
Most parents seek perfectionism, but you don’t need perfectionism. Find what method works best for you and step away from the perfectionist posers on social media.

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