K Squared Marketing to offer “Fund the Future” Scholarship for Students

K Squared Marketing to offer “Fund the Future” Scholarship for Students

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Information provided by K-Square Marketing:

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K Squared Marketing (Kelsey Klim & Kollin Chupa, Co-Owners) are proud to invest in the future generation with the “Fund The Future” Post-Graduate Scholarship Award. When we graduated high school, we were the fortunate recipients of many local/community scholarships that assisted us in our education at Youngstown State University. As the daughters and granddaughters of entrepreneurs (and entrepreneurs/parents ourselves), we understand the importance of financial assistance when beginning your post-graduate journey.

Foundation Delivers School Supplies to 15 School Districts in the Valley

Over the last year, we have had the privilege of working with four fantastic school districts: Springfield, Columbiana, Lisbon, and Jackson-Milton. During this time, we have witnessed the immeasurable impact teachers, administrators, staff, and communities have on shaping the bright future of the students within these districts. They provide so much more than “ABCs” and “123s”; they provide a warm embrace, comfort, stability, and confidence. They have navigated unimaginable tragedies and circumstances, two years of a pandemic, state testing, and so much more. They have welcomed us as a part of their teams. In short, we are honored to play a supporting role in the ensemble of so many incredible educators by highlighting their efforts in the classroom. It is in that spirit that we establish an annual award that will aid in teachers’ and administrators’ mission to invest in an empower the future of our communities, our children.

Fund The Future-Scholarship Award
We have created this scholarship award to “fund the future” endeavors of students regardless of their future career or higher education paths. During our time within the districts, we had the pleasure of reporting about students creating in Carpentry classes, Robotics teams thriving inside the classroom and in competitions, student-led philanthropy efforts in the community, and students obtaining “soft skills” that will transfer well into their adult lives. There has been a much needed and appreciated focus to preparing the students for career readiness in addition to scholastic excellence. As you will see below, this scholarship will be open to all future post-graduate opportunities.

In closing, Students, you too have navigated seemingly impossible circumstances. The effects of the last several years will likely produce ripple effects in your young lives; our hope is that we can affect those currents in a positive way by providing the opportunity for financial assistance as you begin your journey into adulthood.


  • Must be a graduating Senior enrolled in Springfield, Lisbon, Jackson-Milton, or Columbiana school districts or a technical or alternative learning district associated/affiliated with the previously mentioned districts
  • Must carry a 3.0 GPA for 3rd grading period
  • Write a minimum 2-page introductory essay describing what or who has inspired your future plans. The essay should also describe your experiences in your respective district and how they have prepared you for the future. Tell us about your extracurriculars, and volunteerism, sports, activities, etc. and demonstrate your work ethic. Provide specific examples of your experiences and accomplishments as a means to explain how your future has been inspired.
  • IMPORTANT: the essay must include how you will utilize funds for your future education/career path.
  • This scholarship is open to ANY and ALL post-graduate plans. We are seeking students entering the trades, service industries, College/Universities, licensures, etc.