Local Reporters and Newspaper Announced as Finalists for Prestigious Awards in Ohio

Local Reporters and Newspaper Announced as Finalists for Prestigious Awards in Ohio

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The Ohio Associated Press Media Editors have announced its list of finalist for the Broadcast and Newspaper contests for 2021. The Mahoning Valley will be well represented in a variety of categories.

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The awards will be announced on April 3, 2022 in Columbus during a luncheon, which is the organizations yearly event. Finalists from the area:

Broadcast Finalists:
Best Producer:
Katelyn Amato, WKBN/WYTV-TV
Best Anchor: Dave Sess, WKBN/WYTV-TV
Best Feature Reporting: Derek Steyer, WFMJ-TV.
Best Broadcast Writing: Chris Cerenelli, WFMJ-TV
Best Sportscast: Chad Krispinsky, WKBN/WYTV-TV
Best Sports Feature: Ryan Allison, WKBN/WYTV-TV, “Helon Amos – Athlete to Aviation Mechanic”; Corey McCrae, WFMJ-TV, “The Lauren McConahy Story.”
Best Documentary or Series: WKBN/WYTV-TV, “2 Days of Violence in Youngstown
Best Coverage of a Scheduled Event: Lauren Stebelton and Madison Tromler, WFMJ-TV, “The Canfield Fair”
Best Spot News Coverage: Jerica Rogers and WKBN Staff, WKBN/WYTV-TV; WKEF/WRGT-TV, “Tornado and flooding outbreak.”
Best Enterprise Reporting: Andrew DiPaolo, WFMJ-TV, “Rylan’s Story”
Best Continuing Coverage: Jennifer Rodriguez, WKBN/WYTV-TV, “Student Struggles to Recover from Shooting.”
Best Investigative Reporting: Stan Boney, WKBN/WYTV-TV, “How Youngstown Lost a $2.6 Million Project.”
Best Weathercast: Andrew DiPaolo, WFMJ-TV
Best Digital Project: Chelsea Simeon and Jordan Unger, WKBN/WYTV-TV, “Playground, Cameras, New Pick-up Truck: How Local Communities Spent Federal Money for COVID-19 Relief.”
Best Digital Presence: Chelsea Simeon and WKBN STAFF, WKBN/WYTV-TV

Newspaper Finalists:
Best Headline Writer:
Patrick Litowitz, Warren Tribune Chronicle
Best Business Writer: Ron Selak Jr., Warren Tribune Chronicle
Best Editorial Writer: Brenda J. Linert, Warren Tribune Chronicle
Best Feature Writer: Burton Cole, Warren Tribune Chronicle
Best Graphics Artist: Patrick E. Litowitz, Warren Tribune Chronicle
Best Sports Columnist: Jack Wollitz, Warren Tribune Chronicle
Best Sports Feature Writer: Joel Whetzel, Warren Tribune Chronicle
Best Daily Sports Section: Warren Tribune Chronicle.
Best Illustration or Informational Graphic: Patrick E. Litowitz, Warren Tribune Chronicle, “$117 Million Bites of the Apple”
Best Feature Photo: R. Michael Semple, Warren Tribune Chronicle, “Clean Shaven.”
Best Sports Photo: Michael Taylor, Warren Tribune Chronicle, “JFK Celebrates.”
Best Spot News Coverage: Ed Runyan, Warren Tribune Chronicle, “Put Down the Guns”
Best Explanatory Reporting: Tom Wills, Warren Tribune Chronicle, “Choking’s No Game.”
Best Full Page Design: Amy Leigh Wilson, Warren Tribune Chronicle, “Death Penalty: Justice or Brutality?”

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