POTW, Rosetta Carter, ACTION for a Better Community

POTW, Rosetta Carter, ACTION for a Better Community

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Each week, the #SpanningtheNeed podcast will present an “Inspirational Person of the Week’ and have a “Q & A” with one of its many gifted individuals and/or groups who are willing to go out of their own way to help others. This week’s featured is a Rosetta Carter from ACTION for a Better Community. Nominate someone now.

Name: Rosetta Carter
Position: Executive Director
ACTION for a Better Community
Bio: Rosetta Carter (Rose) is a lifelong resident of the Valley. She is the eldest of three children born to Dec. and Mrs. Clifton Carter, mother of (2) daughters, 2 grandsons, and 4 great grandchildren. Rosetta is a graduate of The Rayen School, Bangor School of Nursing, Bangor Me, Chicago Retain Management, attended YSU, and Bradley School in Divinity.

She retired from Huntington Bank after 23 years at various financial institutions throughout the valley. She was instrumental in helping to creating the CRA in the valley working to improve redlining in Banking. After retiring she worked for Family Service Agency and Credit Counseling in Warren, Ohio.  

She presently serves as the Executive Director/Lead Organizer of ACTION (a Faith based Organization with over 32 Churches, Organizations, and Block watches.  She also is proud to serve as CEO of the Dress to Succeed Ministries that serve those from reentry programs in Ohio State Prison, Trumbull Correctional, CCA and those persons that have a need. She organized the Home for Good Reentry Referral center.

Rosetta is a member of Christ Centered Church under the leadership of Pastor Leta Paramore and Bishop Kenneth Paramore, where she serves as an ordained Elder , Christian Education Director and the Director of Imani, a non profit organization working with the community with the parents and children. She is the CEO. 

What made you want to go into this field? (in video above)
What’s the biggest factor that has helped you be successful? (in video above)


What is the biggest professional mistake you made along the way?

What is the hardest decision you ever had to make in this field?
Having to reprimand co workers

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently regarding your profession? Nothing, I love the one on one and the relationships I have made with people all over the valley, city, nation.

What inspires you to do good in our community?
I love God and people.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering in our community?
Meeting and giving a hand up to people of all ages.

What song best describes you or is the soundtrack to your life?
“Better together” sang by Pastor Cynthia Wright Palmer.

What is your best accomplishment/experience in life?
My 2) beautiful daughters

Who is your role model and Why?
My Mom, she was strong, faithful, wise, beautiful and loving. She cooked, sewed, did hair, worked in the church , and raised (3) beautiful daughters and loved my dad until the end.

If there was one person that you would like to meet, past or present and why? I would like to meet Michele Obama, She is the epitome of womanhood

A favorite quote that you live by?
If anybody asks you who I am,  Tell them I am a child of the King.