POTW, Collins Michaels, Campbell Memorial Red Devils

POTW, Collins Michaels, Campbell Memorial Red Devils

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Each week, the #SpanningtheNeed podcast will present an “Inspirational Person of the Week’ and have a “Q & A” with one of its many gifted individuals and/or groups who are willing to go out of their own way to help others and/or student-athletes who display distinction, dedication, and perseverance in the classroom. This week’s featured is a student athlete player and is Collin Michaels from Campbell Memorial Red Devils. Nominate someone now.

Name: Collin Michaels 
School: Campbell Memorial Red Devils
Sport/Position: Baseball/Pitcher and First base 
Class: 2021 
GPA: 3.792 
Bio: My name is Collin Michaels and I’m a senior at Campbell Memorial High School. I am team captain of the Campbell Memorial baseball team, playing first base and pitching. 

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan on attending Youngstown State University, where I will be majoring in Exercise Science, then further my education in Physical Therapy. 

What is your favorite class?
CCP English. 

What do you enjoy most about playing this sport?
I enjoy the atmosphere most while playing baseball. 

What type of volunteer work are you involved in within your community?
I do many things throughout the community which include, working the chains for the CLRD, recorded the varsity basketball games, worked the pancake breakfast at St. Lucy’s Church, worked the concession stand at Christ the Good Shepherd Church, worked the food drive for the Difference Makers, and sold tickets for the class of 2021. 

What is the most memorable moment in your scholastic career?
My most memorable moment in my scholastic career is getting inducted into the National Honors Society. 

What is your favorite sports related movie?
Major League

Who has the best nickname on the team and what is it?
The best nickname on the team is Big Juicy, that is what we call Harry

Who is your role model?

What is your favorite food?

Are you looking to continue your playing career in college?
Yes, I am looking to play college baseball.

Do you have a field of study already chosen when you go to college? Why that field?
Yes, Physical Therapy because I love helping others. 

What team do you most enthusiastically root for? (any sport)
The Cleveland Browns, and the Cleveland Indians. 

A favorite quote by which you live?
“Just remember: The people that say, ‘your dreams are impossible’ have already quit on theirs.” -Grant Cardone