Spanning The Need Teams Up With ACTION on the “State of the Valley

Spanning The Need Teams Up With ACTION on the “State of the Valley

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(Youngstown, OH) – Spanning the Need and Mahoning Valley ACTION organization will take part in a panel discussion and conversation on the “State of the Valley” moderated by Anthony Spano. The broadcast will premiere live on Thursday, April 8 at 7pm on the Facebook page of “Spanning the Need,”, then on their YouTube channel following the broadcast.

There will be several topics discussed such as suggestions on curbing violence in our communities, the importance of communication with all community leaders/public, and what successful initiatives or best practices have been or need to be accomplished to name a few. If time is available at the end, the panel would be able to take questions from the viewers, where the viewers are able to submit questions in the comment section of the broadcast.

Participating in the panel:
Rose Carter, Executive Director of ACTION
Pr. Richard Kidd, Pastor, Bethel Lutheran Church in Boardman, Ohio
Vicki Vicars, Pastoral Minister, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Youngstown, Ohio
Dr. Mike McNair, Publisher-Buckeye Review

“It’s a great opportunity to team up with Spanning the Need with Anthony Spano to bring important issues to the forefront and have an open discussion regarding the State of the Valley” stated Rose Carter, Executive Direction of ACTION.

The mission of ACTION is guided by their faith traditions, shared values, and multi-cultural collaborations. They strive to develop a community of diverse leaders committed to raising awareness and seeking solutions to overcome poverty, and more.

“Good always comes when people work together as one community,” stated Anthony Spano, “that is why this panel discussion is so important to our valley.”

For more information on Spanning the Need with Anthony Spano, you can visit And if you or someone you know would be interested in being a guest on the podcast, please contact us.

ACTION is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, with an Alliance of 30 different Congregational, organizations, and block watch groups in our community. More info at

About Spanning the Need
Anthony Spano created the podcast “Spanning the Need.” This podcast examines a variety of subjects that impact everyday life around the world.  Some of the topics include politics, heartfelt-feel good stories, health, education, and sports. Our show is new, but Anthony felt a calling to tell the stories and launch his podcast in 2020 as it is a part of his Master’s course requirement. More info at



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